CDROM / DVD Productions


Zum Betrieb von CityGuide DMS benötigen Sie die kostenlose Java-Umgebung. Klicken Sie hier um eine aktuelle Version der Java Virtual Machine herunterzuladen.




You have many options for the customization of a production. We basically distinguish between the theme of the production and the selection of appropriate media and packaging.



The selection of maps contains the different suburbs, the citycenter and an overview map.

Aerial Photography-Edition

Free zoom allows for the implementation of different map scales on a DVD.

Ground Values-Edition

Information on ground values is determined by the reviewing board of the city. These publications are ideal for realtors and architects.

Several cities can publish their maps together as a region. The costs of the production can be split by the participating cities.

Information on sports events in and around the city. This edition adds background information on training facilities and locations.
Company & Branch Guide

Contacts based specifically on branches and background information are sorted into different categories. See which business in your area is right for the job.

Depending on the theme of the production it may be appropriate to choose different combinations of media and packaging. The following media types serve only as an example. More media and packaging options are available by request.



Smaller editions of CityGuide DMS can fit on 50 MB of free storage capacity. Ideal for promotional applications.

Mini-CD Edition

With up to 180 MB of storage capacity you may already fit different source maps on an individual publication.


Productions for special occasions can be published from a wide selection of logos and frame formats.

Exklusive packaging for the businesscard-CD of CityGuide. Inlays can be included with four or six pages of content.
Super Jewelbox

A high quality tray made to include a CDROM in the super jewelbox. There is no better way to present a CD or DVD.

Innovative Packaging for CDs or DVDs with room for an attractive presentation.




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