CityGuide DMS

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Possible Applications

CityGuide DMS is a powerful tool that enables you to publish your place bound data and maps with ease over the internet, intranet or on CDROM and DVD.


The Service-Pack for CityGuide DMS will support you when it comes to adding and administrating any number of external data sources and maps for the system.

The strict application of Java-technologyin all CityGuide products ensures a flawless operation of the software independent of the operating system and the applied computer technology.


CityGuide DMS on the Internet

CityGuide DMS is being used across Europe in more than 40 different cities to represent the official citymap online at their respective homepages.

The number of people that use CityGuide DMS online speaks for itself: The official citymap of the state capitol of Wiesbaden alone is used more than 200.000 times per month.

No further software installation is needed on an Internet-Server for the operation of CityGuide DMS. The application itself is run on the computer of the user.

All data and maps necessary for the navigation are downloaded when needed by the software.

CityGuide DMS on the Intranet

Aside from using CityGuide DMS online you can also have it function within a local area or company network environment (Intranet).

The Service Pack of CityGuide DMS makes it easy to configure a customized network edition of the software for your company or city department.


CityGuide DMS on CDROM and DVD

CityGuide DMS may be used across the most different platforms and working environments. Aside from Internet and Intranet you can also use CityGuide DMS as a CD-ROM or a DVD-Version.

When planning a disc based publication you have a complete choice of materials and topical combinations. We would like to show you these examples from over 35 official CD-ROM productions:



The selection of maps contains the different suburbs, the citycenter and an overview map.

Aerial Photography-Edition

Free zoom allows the implementation of different map scales on a DVD.

Ground Values-Edition

Information on ground values is determined by the reviewing board of the city. These publications are ideal for realtors and architects.

Several cities can publish their maps together as a region. The costs of the production can be split by the participating cities.

Information on sports events in and around the city. This edition adds background information on training facilities and locations.
Company & Branch Guide

Contacts based specifically on branches and background information are sorted into different categories. See which business in your area is right for the job.

Here you can find more information on possible themes for CDROM / DVD-Productions. In case you have further questions about the network abilities of a CityGuide application, feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to assist you in all questions.




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