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Zum Betrieb von CityGuide DMS benötigen Sie die kostenlose Java-Umgebung. Klicken Sie hier um eine aktuelle Version der Java Virtual Machine herunterzuladen.



Services you can count on:

You want to achieve more with CityGuide DMS ?

We offer a variety of services for the CityGuide Digital Mapping System that are not only able to make work easier, but will also offer new possibilities to you.

CDROM / DVD-Productions

These form the center of many theme oriented publications of your data and maps. You can publish individual compilations, or produce a series such as maps with assessed real estate values on an anual basis. We support you in the process from production to delivery.


Production Flowchart




  Creating a new CityGuide DMS Version

Configuring the new version can also be performed by us. Even though we strive to make all tools neccessary for administration and configuration available to you together with an extensive documentation, we can also configure a new system and ready it for immediate use. You may then learn how to work with it along with the administrative documentation.


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Administration and maintenance of an existing CityGuide DMS installation.

You want to offer a smooth and integrated frontend for your geographical data and maps, but you are not interested in maintenance and administration of these contents? Aside from creating a new CityGuide DMS version we can also offer the continued administration and maintenance of your CityGuide DMS installation:

  • Maintenance of existing data and maps
  • Updates of the database
  • Upgrade to a new version of the DMS
  • Creation of Routing-Grids based on information from programs such as MapInfo
  • Compiling large source maps for use in CityGuide DMS


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Hosting of a CityGuide DMS version

You do not have access to a webserver? On behalf of hosting and security, we are able to make an interesting offer.

Hosting completes our range of services for the CityGuide Digital Mapping System. Your data is securely stored and accessible 365 days per year on a server of our reliable partner Kevag Telekom GmbH in Koblenz, Germany.


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You would like to become a CityGuide-Partner?

Our CityGuide-Partner program offers cities, municipalities and institutions, that have decided to use CityGuide DMS, an exclusive platform. Within this platform forum you will get:


New versions of the CityGuide Digital Mapping System may be downloaded as an update or a full version.


In case you need help with the administration or installation of a CityGuide-Version we are looking forward to assist you by phone or email support.

Participation in Special Events

Regardless if there are new components, new functions or new publications on a certain event. The partner program offers interesting opportunities to share and utilize the combined power of its different members. Interesting offers are available.

Monthly Newsletter

We inform you in advance! Information on special events and announcements of new software-functions can be received with our newsletter.

We look forward to give you more information on the CityGuide Partner program on request.

A directory of all CityGuide-Partners can be seen here.




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